Problem with inbound out of office messages
Question asked by rumik - 8/31/2014 at 6:06 AM
I have this problem.
User A@smartermaildomain.com send message to user B@externaldomain.com. this B user have setup out of office reply. User A got mail from System Administrator with Delivery Failure where is (in the spool-> 600 Failed to connect to the recipients mail server):
Could not deliver message to the following recipient(s):
Failed Recipient: cmdspc: false
Reason: Failed to connect to the recipients mail server.  No DNS information was found for the 'cmdspc: false' domain. 
 -- The header and top 20 lines of the message follows --
after header there is out of office message from User B
All IN/OUT mails and outbound out of office are fine, just i have problem with inbound out of office messages.
Thank you for advice where or what i have wrong.

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Stephen Roesch Replied
I'm having the same exact problem, did you find a solution? I tried changing my DNS from Google DNS to OpenDNS, but I'm still having problems.

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