Configuring Smarter Track with LDAP Authentication (Active Directory integration)
Question asked by David Short - 4/14/2015 at 8:06 AM
So I have a standard portal and I would like to authenticate users based on our Active Directory.  The AD Server is the same one that is hosting the portal (requirement), but I have had no success in getting the information flowing.
I am entering my domain the space provided, but I suspect that it may actually be looking for an LDAP string.  
Has anyone had any experience/success with this feature?
Thanks in advance!

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Hello David,
Thanks for the inquiry. I'm not certain if you have configured the External Providers section in the application or need more assistance on the field entries.
Please look over the Knowledge Base article for some of the guidelines.
You may also submit the steps that you have done or if there are any errors or warning messages the application is generating.
David Short Replied
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Yes, enter your LDAP string and you're good to go.
Eric Krauska Replied
David, hopefully you are still subscribed to this thread.  What did you enter for Web Service URL? This is under the Login tab within External Providers. 

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