System Events and Custom Fields
Idea shared by jeremy aurich - 4/14/2015 at 6:49 AM
I am using the web service to create tickets, but I want to have a system event based on custom fields. The ticket is created using the first call but the custom fields are added in the second call. From testing a few events it seems like I can trigger an event when the ticket is created but not filter based on the custom fields as they are not set yet.
Does anyone have any experience getting something like this to work?

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Hello Jeremy,
Hmmm... This is not possible at the moment through the web interface but could be a good feature request to be able to listen to CustomField changes as an event.
Some Ideas:
Maybe you could transfer tickets through the web service based on your needs as  a workaround?
Add a comment through the web service after you add the custom fields and catch that event instead?
I am going to change the type of this thread so that others can vote it up.
Hope this helps!

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