Is bounce.io working properly for you guys?
Question asked by Marc Frega - 4/14/2015 at 6:04 AM
Im getting unexpected results from Bounce.io. It was working properly for months but now it seems that it isn't.
The bounces just say this now.  I don't know where this message is being derived. Anyone else using this service and have some info?

Message Not Delivered

There was an issue delivering your message to unknown@unknown.tld. This is an 5.1.1 Error.

This error typically means: User name of email address not valid

Find out more information about this 5.1.1 bounce message.

To receive improved bounce notices in the future, update your preference.
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Rory O'Rourke Replied
Hi Marc,

It looks like you have opted out of the enhanced bounce. Can you shoot me a message to rory@bounce.io and I will take a look?


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