use GetAllDomainsWithProperties
Question asked by Roberto Marzialetti - 4/13/2015 at 8:57 AM
i would use "GetAllDomainsWithProperties" of web service to search in my list of domain, but i don't understand which "properties" i can pass to method.
can you give me an example, please?
many thanks.

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Hello Roberto,
Thanks for the inquiry. I have confirmed that the only value at the moment is the [acceptmail] either True or False.  I was advised from my Team that we can add more values and would be under consideration.  For our testing, we use the Storm API application to enter our values. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Robert Emmett Replied
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Roberto, as Joe said we can include additional property value on the return of this web service call.  Please enumerate what properties you would like included in addition to [acceptmail].
Robert Emmett
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Roberto Marzialetti Replied
Hi Robert, Hi Joseph.
thanks for your replies. excuse me for delay.
i've got a simple problem. i use smartermail to manage emails of my customers' customers. I'm making a control panel for my customers, using web services, to manage **their** own customers.
I thought I could distinguish the owners of the different mailboxes through the ip address that i assign to single domain. but i can't access to this property.
have you got another easy solution?

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