Web Service for Updating Contacts
Idea shared by Rogelio Arosemena - April 12, 2015 at 2:20 PM
Is it possible to have a Web Service to Insert, Update, Query or Delete Contacts on Smarter Mail Enterprise 13.x?
Rogelio Arosemena

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Preach on!!!!  I have been asking for this activity too, since April of last year.
I have used this web service (mail.smartertools.com/Services/svcOutlookAddin.asmx) in the past to add contacts. That was back in version 6 that I used it so I am not sure if it will still work or not as I didn't see it on the list of services here: mail.smartertools.com/services/
Thanks... I am even more frustrated... that they had this functionality... took it out... When I called directly trying to get this back, was told that there was no interest.
Thanks for the code, I greatly appreciate it.
When it returns in the SOAP call, it looks like it is some sort of encoded string.
i tried using Base64 decode, that didn't work...
What is the encoding?
Can WE PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.. have a response .. one more time FROM SM personnel..
Obviously there was (is) code in place... just want to ensure that we can go forward.
Right now we are using Mail.ENABLE server/software for the 80% of our email clients.  Why???   Because they API and SOAP calls that allow us to edit/delete/ add contacts   for our clients.   This is SOOO mission critical.. because allows to surpass Microsoft 365 features and functions.   
If you are reading.. this and don't understand why this is so important... I would be more than happy to do a 5 minute webex, telelphone call or what ever.. to explain.     CRM is so relevant and such a touch-point for all of our clients... can't even to think of life without it.
I have stated offered to pay for custom development... whatever... 

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