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Question asked by Merle Wait - 4/12/2015 at 10:21 AM
So we upgraded to 13.3 on  Friday morning - 3am or so...
No issues....
Today Sunday, our server crashes for no apparent reason.
I was to restart... now monitoring...
We had less than 10 online folks.... no major email / connections ... no major anything ... AND nothing else runs on this box.
The Memory is now 1,510 MB and climbs to over 1,910 MB ... at no activity.  At other times.. still no activity, drops around 800 MB.    
I don't see anything in logs....
As far as CPU usage... less than 2% at all times.
So a.) is the increase / decrease of memory normal ?
     b.) was is standard use of memory    ie (XXXX x number of users  = XXX.XX)
     c.) Any thing else I should be looking at??
Again - nothing else runs on this box.... 

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Merle Wait Replied
@12:10 Wow... stopped and started the service... it went from 197 MB, and then jumped to 1,710 MB in two minutes. Checked the logs... nothing that I can see
Merle Wait Replied
@15:10 - 465mb.. same lack of activity
Bruce Barnes Replied
Do either the SmarterMail, or Windows software, logs show anything out of the ordinary?
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Merle Wait Replied
Zero 'information' on any of the SM logs, when it first crashed....
To be clear.   I rebooted 3 times in 5 hours.  Stopped SM 6 or 7 times in same period.
Out of all of those instances, there was no major data written / reported in SM.
I did look in the Window logs the first time it crashed... nothing was there either.
But... Duh... thanks for prompting me to look at the  Windows log again..  { I didn't think to look there again after the first reboot/crash  because the box is relative new (less than 2yrs old}.  
So on the second reboot (11.15 am CST), in the Windows Log:
In the second 'reboot',  I saw "The IO operation at logical block address  ' =Event 153
Now, having been down this road before... one might  **think** that this is a hardware issue......  
  not necessarily  - this has to do with Windows vs. X   = Where X can be Windows or any application running under it.  Could be related to BIOS / new updates from Windows or any application...  can be caused by any number of things.
All of that means that Windows isn't writing out from a buffer.. either because it can't or because the application  ( X ) has delayed.
What that means in this instance.. I don't know.   The errors existed for  about 2.5 minutes during one of  the memory crawl upwards, but not in all three times  that I rebooted or in all cases where I just stopped / restarted the SM service.
Outside of that.. none of the other restarts or reboots really  yielded anything.   
One other thing of note:  During these memory crawls...   SM reports / dashboard would should show that it was using 12% memory (not sure what really represents) -  and reports would show  450 MB or memory,   Meanwhile Task Manager would show 1,314 MB being used, 
Event 153 - Is Disk related.... so I will monitor for next couple of days and run a ‘sfc /scannow’.
when we rotate the box out
Have to conclude... that although SM may have had a part in the server crashing.. due to eating memory, the root cause probably lies else where......
Although it would still be good to know - if there is memory "recipe"  or calculation somewhere.
Steve Reid Replied
Looks like you already narrowed it down to a hardware issue.
Smartermail can use more memory depending on what's happening in the background, that's normal.

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