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Problem reported by Merle Wait - April 10, 2015 at 2:29 PM
Since upgrading to 13.3x - now seeing this in my error log.
[2015.04.10] [CurrentUser: ]
[2015.04.10] [4/10/2015 4:17:12 PM]
[2015.04.10] PING sent response for / e9c867d1087649a188c631322dcc872f
 Does anyone know what this means??   Wouldn't routinely check the error log, but we now have an issue on Chrome browsers were we get the 'contact Smarter Mail Administrator - page.,..... about every 45 minutes (for those browsers).

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Our LogFiles are also full of entrys like this but we dont face an issue which should be caused by this...
Would realy nice if someone could tell us what this message means...
This is normal behavior and is part of the ActiveSync pull heartbeat. It is used by the ActiveSync client to request that the mail server monitor specified folders for changes that would require the client to resynchronize. These items in the Error Log are when the Ping is received but there have been no changes to that folder. Not sure of the logic as to why this would be logged in the Error Log though (which makes it sound like it is an error) rather than the ActiveSync log.
Hello Scarab, thank you very much for this information.
Perhaps someone of smartertools will see this thread and forces an diskussion with the dev team so that this kind of messages shouldnt be part of the error log?
Ditto... Thank you for the explanation....  And as you pointed out... why in the error log???
Thanks Again!
PS: How do you mark these threads as answered or finished?
Merle;  RE: How do you mark these threads as answered or finished?
I have marked the thread as resolved for you.
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This thread should be changed to a feature request.
It's not really resolved when status messages appear in error logs.

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