Umlaut in domain name
Question asked by Martin Schaible - April 9, 2015 at 6:01 AM
How should i add a domain containing umlauts in the domain name? Just plain or with puny code?

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Hello Martin,
Thanks for the inquiry. At this time, we advise for you to enter the domain name as is without any special characters. SmarterMail does not have support for Umlaut. We may allow this in a future version of SmarterMail but we do not have any estimated time window.
Thanks for quick response. Having domains with umlauts in the domain name is no more a "nice to have" in europe. More and more the customers are using localized domain names as their main domain. Please push this question, which is now a feature request, on top.
Many thanks
I discovered this:
- Add the domain as is with Umlauts, eg. bü
- Add a domain alias with puny code, eg.
I sent a mail to e.g. myacount@bü from GMail. GMail converts the domain name to puny code and SmarterMail can receive it.

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