service crashing on large email import
Problem reported by Robbie Wright - 4/6/2015 at 9:07 PM
So I've been chasing a problem with our SM VM crashing left and right and can now cause it to happen on command. We use a third party tool (MigrationWiz) to transfer mail between other systems and import it into ours. It appears that when MigrationWiz is attempting to import that mail (via IMAP) into SM, it is hitting was 28 meg attachment (our limit for the importing domain is 10) and causing the vm to completely lock up and needing to be manually rebooted. A bit odd, but not sure if anyone else has seen something like that before. It actually causes the VM to blue screen, but I haven't been quick enough to get a screen shot of it yet.

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Steve Reid Replied
Something like this would almost certainly need a support ticket to resolve...
Robbie Wright Replied
yeah, that was my thought too, but wanted to see if anyone else ever ran into it before.
Bruce Barnes Replied
Attachments, in e-mail, are frequently encoded in a manner which causes them to take up between 50 and 80% more space than the size of the actual attachment.
Are you running into an issue with storage, or memory, on the SmarterMail server into which you are importing?
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