SM 13.2 Not Auto Entering All Not Spam Addresses
Problem reported by Scott Hendrickson - 4/1/2015 at 11:02 AM
Good Afternoon! 
We're running SM 13.2 and just noticed that if you have multiple emails selected in Junk Email and do Actions / Mark / Not Spam, it only enters 1 or 2 of the addresses into Trusted Senders.  One client had 87 messages in there.  Granted most of them I personally thought were spam, but he liked getting them, so who am I to judge.  Anyway I selected them all, did Actions / Mark / Not Spam, and SM entered only 1 address into Trusted Senders.  And no they were not all from the same source. 
Now I don't expect SM to enter duplicate addresses.  However I would expect it to enter each unique address in the selection.  Has anyone else run into this issue, and if so, is there a fix???  We touted saving multiple emails as a feature initially and were disappointed when we discovered this behavior. 
Scott Hendrickson
SOS4Net, Inc.
Centennial, CO. U.S.A.

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Scott, I tested this against SM 13.3 and got the expected results: all checked emails (some duplicates, most unique) message had their respective sender address added to the user's trusted senders list.
Scott Hendrickson Replied
Hi Robert: 
We just upgraded to version 13.3.5561.17888, a custom build, and this problem persists.  In fact I selected just three emails in the Junk Email folder, two from one sender, one from another, and SM put only one of the two senders' emails into the trusted senders list. 
This is more than a minor issue for us because we sort of played up this feature prior to moving a domain with over 300 users to this server. 
Scott Hendrickson SOS4Net, Inc. Centennial, CO. U.S.A.

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