Blacklist - ticket filed no substantial resolution...
Problem reported by Marc Rapaport - 3/30/2015 at 5:38 PM
We have been wrestling with the first tier of Smartermail tech support on a blacklisted IP address for ten days. Every client ran malware etc...all cleaned but nothing helped. Even closed down that IP and switched to a new IP. Now New IP has first blacklist..We believe something has been missed in a smartermail setting.
Ticket is 00C-1CA306E0-0A69 
Can we please get the next higher level of support? We have been a smartermail customer for perhaps ten years and now we are losing business and our reputation...

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Bruce Barnes Replied
Post your domain and the affected IP addresses and we can test.
Sounds like you may have multiple issues with your configuration and security (possibly an open relay), and may also have some high-volume spam originating on your SmarterMail server.
There are some very strict rules that both you, and your hosted customers, need to abide by, if you are going to run a mail server these days.  Failure to properly configure your server, lock down your mail server, scan for inbound and outbound spam, setup rDNS and SPF records setup DomainKeys, DKIM, DMARC and feedback loops will continue to get you blacklisted.
So post your domain name and the affected IP addresses.
Then, if you feel up to it, and are not intimidated by it, check your settings against my antispam document at: https://portal.chicagonettech.com/kb/a171/smartermail-antispam-settings-document.aspx.
Once we have your information, we can check your domain name and IP addresses, to see if our external scanning tools can reveal anything you haven't found.
If, after I respond with the test results, you and the support people at SmarterTools cannot resolve the issues, ask for help from someone you feel comfortable with and take it from there.
Mail servers are not "plug-and-play," but require a lot of detail to attention on both the setup and maintenance side.  SmarterTools makes the process a whole lot easier with their SmarterMail product.
I still have a couple of clients who have "mixed" MX server environments:  Trust me: working with SmarterMail is a WHOLE lot easier than working with Exchange - been there, done that, have the t-shirt.
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Steve Reid Replied
Seems like you are yelling with that huge font size.
Marc Rapaport Replied
Did not intend to yell. Had cut and pasted from a notepad.

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