Content filter with reroute - mail disappearing. (SM 5.5)
Problem reported by Andrew Lupton - 3/27/2015 at 12:22 PM
First, I know this is an old version, SmarterMail 5.5 Enterprise, but it has been very solid for a long time and still need to resolve the problem with spam from the new .junk/.crap domains that are pumping out nothing but...
I have a domain 'Junk' content filter with a list of spam domains (matches) and an 'or' list of spam keywords (contains), In the actions, I have tried; delete (which works alone), delete and copy to a 'spamtrap@ourdomain' address (deletes/doesn't copy), move to a folder (doesn't move but says it does), and reroute the email to the 'spamtrap@ourdomain' (does not re-route but says it does).
The log clearly shows:
11:44:30 [07382] Starting local delivery to recipient@ourdomain.com
11:44:30 [07382] Delivery for spammer@theirdomain.com to recipient@ourdomain.com has completed (Forwarded) Filter: General Junk
11:44:30 [07382] End delivery to recipient@ourdomain.com
11:44:33 [07382] Starting local delivery to spamtrap@ourdomain.com
11:44:33 [07382] Delivery for spammer@theirdomain.com to spamtrap@ourdomain.com has completed (Forwarded) Filter: General Junk
11:44:33 [07382] End delivery to spamtrap@ourdomain.com
11:44:33 [07382] Delivery finished for spammer@theirdomain.com at 11:44:33 AM    [id:79907382]
Any action I try shows in the logs as completed but the trapped/rerouted/copied spam mail doesn't appear in the target mailbox. Oddly, at last count, 3 out 137 spams showed up, so it is setup properly but from what I see in the logs, the vast majority of the spam mail just disappears.  I have checked for conflicting rules and don't see the issue. I want to ID and trap the bulk of the spam to use for future filtering, not just delete them.
Any ideas why this might be happening?

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Steve Reid Replied
Smartertools supports the current release and the previous one.
You would need to upgrade...
Andrew Lupton Replied
I realize that certainly but I was hoping that this, being a community forum and not (as far as I know) the official support area for SmarterTools, that someone with a similar issue could shed some light on why this might be occurring. I have about 8 domains that use this approach for detecting SPAM that all forward to a single domain's 'spamtrap' address. Only one of the domains (not the same as the spamtrap domain) is actually doing it, the other seven, the mail just disappears even though the log shows that the mail is being forwarded. I simply cannot afford to upgrade the server at this time; I would if I could but I had hoped to address this issue in the short term.

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