popRetrieval does not work
Problem reported by Walter Seitz - 3/27/2015 at 7:56 AM
Not A Problem
Version 12.3
I have a Problem with popRetrieval.
On 1 Server are 8 accounts with popRetrieval. These 8 accounts are connecting to the same external server.
4 work normally. The other 4 write in log: Could not understand servers response to connection.
When I use the web interface and execute the popRetrieval manually, everything works fine.
What can i do?

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Hello Walter,
Thanks for the inquiry. I do know we had corrected a scenario where some of the POP connections over SSL would fail. If you can please provide us a sample of the POP Retrieval logs for the time period we may be able to review further. Are your logs set to 'Detailed ' ?  There may be more information in the logs. I'm not certain if the issue occurs for the same accounts each time.
Please consider opening a Support ticket so we can review this matter further.  Are you licensed for SmarterMail 13.x ?
Walter Seitz Replied
Problem solved: The external mailserver was configured to accept only 4 pop-requests at the same time from 1 IP adresss.

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