[BUG] svcServerAdmin SetRequestedServerSetting DeliveryDelay Documentation Incorrect
Problem reported by Hostek - 3/26/2015 at 7:58 AM
The documentation in the services API for the setting "DeliveryDelay" for the function "SetRequestedServerSetting" within the "svcServerAdmin" API is incorrect.  The documentation states the setting is configured in seconds.  However, in the latest version of SmarterMail, the value must be passed in as milliseconds (I.E. submitting a value of 5000 sets the value to 5 seconds).
Either the documentation or the function needs updated so that the two agree.

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Brian, thank you for bringing this discrepancy to our attention.  The API should pass and receive the delivery delay in milliseconds.  The documentation will be corrected to reflect this change in the next minor update.

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