SMTP Mail not in Sent folder
Question asked by Sean Kelsey - 3/26/2015 at 7:39 AM
Is there a way to get SMTP emails sent through SmarterMail to show up in the Sent mail folder?
We are using Smartermail as an SMTP relay. There is a mailbox for the sending email address. But the messages do not show up in the Sent folder even though "Enable sent items folder" is set to true. Sent email only show up if they are created and sent from the smartermail email client interface. Bounced email shows up in the inbox though.
Can possibly add the sending email address to the "to" email list on each message so it shows up in the sent folder? But would they show up there before they are even sent to the email client we really want them to go to?
i.e. say we are sending an email to AOL and it is greylisted and does several retries over a couple hours, would the email end up in the sent mail box folder right away if we added the "from" address to the "to" address list? Or would it wait till it succeeded or failed to the AOL address?
This is C# using the "System.Net.Mail" objects sending to the smartermail server for processing.

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Sean Kelsey Replied
Created a test project to figure this out for sure. Sending to our smartermail server from C# via SMTP doesn't seem to add the email to the Sent Folder. We are on an older version so there may be a some way to make it happen in newer versions but I doubt it. As for the AOL example. Seems like the email is initially spooled. When it's turn comes up it seems like it is put in the In box if you put the From address also in the BCC field. The email may bounce back later as the To address is processed with DNS lookup, Greylisting retries, etc. Can anyone confirm this?
Steve Reid Replied
Sending via SMTP doesn't usually copy to sent folder. It is the client that is responsible for the sent folder copy.
Joe Wolf Replied
You would need to be using IMAP to accomplish task.
Sean Kelsey Replied
Ultimately we did end up using the BCC method to get sent emails. Ran into some problems due to what we think is a 2GB size limitation of the daily .grp file.
Also didn't always seem to handle SMTP email with BCC deliveries at the same time as POP3 retrieval. This is for a client that does their alerts daily at one time and uses the POP3 retrieval of the BCC and bounced emails to confirm there was a delivery attempt of the email and its final status.

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