Interpretation of site tuning comment in results - meaning of ' uri'
Question asked by Nick Taylor - 3/25/2015 at 4:45 AM
Can anyone help a beginner please with the meaning of ' uri' at the end of a link which is reported as duplicate.  The results show a result like this........
/products/1234567/' uri'  and  /products/1234567/red-balls seem to have the same content
All the links I have are coded /products/nnnnnnnn/description and I use a redirect to get /products.php?rid=nnnnnnnn or whatever.  I didn't think I had any links at all for the format /products/nnnnnnn/ but I must have somewhere on the site if SmarterStats has found them.  /products/nnnnnnn/ does redirect as my rewrite is not clever enough to differentiate so it is two identical pages.  So in order to find where the site has these links which cause the duplicate comment I wanted to know what the significance of the ' uri' is at the end of the comment.  Any ideas? 

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