How Do I Copy and Paste Content For Contacts Into AddressBook.xml?
Question asked by Jonathan Hickman - 3/24/2015 at 6:21 AM
The conversion tool for IMAIL did not work to move over contacts.  So, I have written a tool to parse this data.  It works to put the contacts into the XML file AddressBook.xml for each Smartermail user, but even after restarting the Smartermail services, these are not showing up.  However, the ID is missing because I do not know the format.
Is the ID required, how is this generated (I am using Perl, by the way.), and how do I get these contacts to show up on the web based system after they are put into the XML file for Smartermail?

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Employee Replied
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Jonathan, ID is a required field.  It is simply a 32-character alphanumeric GUID.
Jeremy Farrance Replied
Sounds like this tool might come in handy. 
https :// www.guidgenerator.com / 

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