How to cancel a SM Mailbox Migration
Problem reported by Michael Muller - 3/23/2015 at 11:28 AM
I am trying to migrate emails from GoDaddy, which is NOT (I repeat -- NOT) a valid IMAP provider. I've tried MacMail on a Mac, and Thunderbird and Outlook on a PC, and none of them will connect via IMAP.
Anyway, I'm trying to transfer a client's emails from GoDaddy's secureserver.net to my SM13. I tried POP and the email moved long just fine. So, not thinking, I tried it again with IMAP, because she has a number of folders. Now it's just stuck at "Email - 0 Messages Imported" and no matter what I do I can't get the process to cancel so I can continue the migration via POP.
Is there a way to cancel a Mailbox Migration once it starts?
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Michael Muller Replied
Ok. I just found a page on the main admin login. I went to Manage (the wrench) and clicked on Current Migrations ... I got
"Oops! There was an issue that caused this page to malfunction."
"Administrators. This error was logged and can be found in the View Logs page..."
And the page is grayed out with a modal candy-cane please wait animated thing. So I refresh my browser, return to Manage and go to View Logs. I choose Error from the drop-down and click Search above. This is what I find...
[2015.03.23] [CurrentUser: myuser@herdomain.com]
[2015.03.23] [3/23/2015 2:35:52 PM]
[2015.03.23] http://webmail.mydomain.net/SystemAdmin/frmCurrentMigrations.aspx
[2015.03.23] No property or field 'Username' exists in type 'MigrationGridItem' (at index 0)
[2015.03.23] Application Error
So, now I know the Migration process is hung. Is there a way to kill it? Perhaps in Task Manager in Windows?
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Michael Muller Replied
I guess the only way to cancel it is to bounce the Smartermail service.
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Bruce Barnes Replied
You can login as the SmarterMail administrator, check the current migrations, and cancel the migration you want to cancel from that screen.
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Michael Muller Replied
Please re-read my first reply.
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Employee Replied
Employee Post
As Bruce mentioned, mailbox migrations can be canceled on the Manage page. Your second reply mentions you receive an error when clicking on the Current Migrations button. This is not expected behavior. It may be best to submit a support ticket to have this looked at by one of our support agents. This will give you direct troubleshooting to resolve the issue. 
Please keep in mind, if the issue is determined to be caused by a bug in the software, your ticket will be refunded.
Michael Muller Replied
That's ok. I'll try bouncing the service early tomorrow morning. I'd rather not have to pay to open a ticket. If anyone from development is reading this, I've provided as much info as I was able to glean.
Keep in mind this happened because I tried to do an IMAP migration from GoDaddy.  I would think that in the future SM would be a little smarter about migrations, and if it appears one is hung, to auto kill. Or, perhaps, even refuse to try an IMAP migration from GoDaddy, 'cause it just h'aint gonna work.
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Scot Desort Replied
Just to re-open this thread.
I have a user who requested migration. On *their* migration status window, it says 0 messages imported.
On the ADMIN "Current Migrations" screen, there is NOTHING there.
Even if I click CANCEL on the user's migration screen, it still shows it's in the middle of the migration, but nothing migrates, admin panel shows No Migration, and no activity on the source server.
Anyone know how I can reset it so I can manually migrate the box again?
SpamHurts Replied
Remember kids, every time a spam message gets blocked, a nerd gets their glasses. spamhurts/July 15
Scot Desort Replied

As I stated above, the process by which you manage current queued migrations shows NOTHING. But on the USER side, it show's it's in progress. I cannot "END" the session because it doesn't show up on the ADMIN side. And clicking CANCEL on the end user side does nothing.

We ended up just re-submitting the migration request through a Web services API call and it worked the 2nd time around.
Jerritte Couture Replied
I'm having this problem as well. I've stopped/started the service at least 3 times. I've gone into the main admin panel and viewed the Current Migrations. It shows none. Yet I can't get the hung migration to reset.
We're running SmarterMail 14.2.5711.
Jerritte Couture President, Edge Webware, Inc. http://edgewebware.com
Leo Novelli Replied
We had the same issue.  Started a migration which showed on the user's screen as 0 messages imported.  The SM admin showed no current migrations.  I also could not start any new migrations.
I saw a temp folder in \SmarterMail\ImapRetrieval.  I stopped SM, deleted the folder and then restarted SM.  After a few seconds the temp folder would be created again.  
Finally I found imapRetrievalCache.dat and popRetrievalCache.dat within the \SmarterMail\Service folder.  I stopped the SM service, deleted these 2 cache files and also the temp folder, restarted the SM service and the issue went away.
We're running SM 13.5.5640.

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