Greylisting not functioning on new Smartermail 13 Pro install.
Problem reported by ecobb - March 18, 2015 at 6:28 AM
About a month ago I upgraded from SmarterMail 7 to SmarterMail 13, and by upgrade I mean I purchased a new VM and did a clean install of 13, then set up the domains and moved the mail boxes over from the old server. 
Since moving to SmarterMail 13, I have seen a significant increase in spam.  On the old SmarterMail 7 box, I was getting 4-5 spam emails a week, now I'm getting about 30 per day.  I've followed the recommended spam settings, and have even set up a few custom RBLs, but I'm still getting a lot of spam.
One thing that I have noticed is that Greylisting is not working, even though I have it enabled and set to Apply To: Everyone.  I have checked both the Admin settings, and my personal account setting, and Greylisting is enabled on both.  But, when I look at the Greylisting reports, it shows zero for the totals and only dashes for each of the individual days/columns.  Looking at the same report on my old SmarterMail 7 box, I see numbers where it was actually doing something. 
My question is, does anyone know how I can get Greylisting to start working (even though SmarterMail says it is already enabled)?  At this point, I'm actually debating either going back to my SM 7 server, or moving to an entirely different mail solution. 

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Greylisting seems to be working now.  I disabled the Greylist Weight Threshold under Security -> Antispam -> SMTP Blocking and the report now shows that it is working.
Unfortunately it didn't help, Greylisting doesn't work in v.13. We tried all options and settings, followed recommendations from the Help, nothing works. The only option to rely on RBL and Blacklist filtering.

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