Change the default domain ?
Question asked by FlexWS - 3/17/2015 at 8:40 AM
I client has domainA.com, and is using user@domainA.com as the default email address.
domainB.com is added as a domain alias, but domainB.com should become the default domain.
Is it possible to change/switch this, or can I specify a setting so the server knows it should mention domainB.com ?
It would be nice if the mail account can stay the same.
Of course it is possible to export it to a new account with the new domain name, but that's a lot of work.
If there is just a setting to set the default domain, that would be so much easier.
The account is used as Exchange ActiveSync.

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Steve Reid Replied
Aside from stopping the smartermail service and editing the xmls and folder structure manually I do not believe there is an easier way to do this.
Although I do believe it was requested before.

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