Local File Links in e-mail messages? How can I?
Question asked by Bryant Zimmerman - 3/16/2015 at 8:51 AM
We have a fax system that downloads faxes to the customers system via SSH. We want to be able to send a link to the location on the server so the user can get a message like this.
You have a Fax click here X:\Fax Inbound\faxfile.pdf
The issue we are having is that SmarterMail refuses to allow access to the file via a click or right click.
It appears that the security is striping the files <a> tag. How can I get the system to leave these alone and allow this behavior when coming from a trusted source?

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Employee Replied
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Hi Bryant.  This is not current functionality within SmarterMail.  You would want to use our File Manager.
Babblu Babblu Replied
I am seeing several sites on our server with double trailing slashes in the top pages report. 
Steve Reid Replied
Please ensure you are replying to the proper post. This is definitely off topic.
Bryant Zimmerman Replied
This is not an option as the files are at the customers location on their network. I need a solution for this.
Steve Reid Replied
Of course this functionality is included in Smartermail...
Just link to the file like this:
file:\\X:\Fax Inbound\faxfile.pdf

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