Cannot send mail from contact list on smartphone
Problem reported by Eric Bar-Chen - 3/9/2015 at 4:24 AM
I use the mobile interface to check my e-mails. I have found that even though I can access my contacts on this interface, there is no way to send a mail to a contact from the contact list.
The contact list on this interface does not have any option to select a contact and send him a mail. There is also no option, when using the "create a new mail" screen, to select a contact from the list.
The only possibility is that if I remember how the e-mail address starts, I can type the first few letters and it will offer me a list of possible contacts.
This is something that should be corrected, as selecting contacts is a basic function of any e-mail software. It works fine on your desktop mode......

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Steve Reid Replied
As the mobile interface needs an update, it is suggested that you use the email client instead.
Eric Bar-Chen Replied
I usually use the e-mail client on my PC but when travelling use the mobile interface on my phone. It really does need an update. Any idea when this will be done?

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