Missing Domain Settings Events
Question asked by Michael Barber - March 6, 2015 at 10:24 AM
And my interface does NOT have these EVENTS!
The only events I have for mailing list are: Mailing List Added, Mailing List Deleted, and Message sent to Mailing List
How do I get the rest of these events to show up?
I recently updated to version 12.5 so maybe this is something that is an attribute of the previous version?

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Anyone?  Anything?  I have a feeling this is a bug and believe it is because I upgraded all the way from version 4.0 and the upgrade did not "replace" the legacy EVENTS as a part of the upgrade.
Where are these "events" defined in the software?
You might have to open a support ticket to get this straightened out.
Andrea Rogers Replied
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I agree with Steve that you may need to submit a support ticket in order to get this issue resolved. You should definitely be seeing those events when logged in as the System or Domain Administrator. 
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I talked with support and despite these KB's not clearly noting it, these features are not available in the professional edition, only the Enterprise edition.

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