Can SmarterMail run on Shared Hosting?
Question asked by adrian mj - 8/22/2014 at 6:49 PM
Can SmarterMail run on shared hosting?

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Steve Reid Replied
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No. Usually with shared hosting the provider either offers it or not.
You need at least a VPS to run your own instance of Smartermail. Although the most reliable way to run it is via it's own dedicated server.
Derek Curtis Replied
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And just to add to what Steve said, SmarterMail does require access to IIS and the ability to be installed in whatever instance it runs in, even if you plan on using the default Web server that is installed with SmarterMail rather than IIS. Shared hosting providers generally frown up you installing things on their servers. Therefore, having your own server or VPS instance is the only way to get SmarterMail to run.
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