EAS much faster than EWS?
Question asked by Neal Culiner - 3/5/2015 at 7:54 PM
I've been waiting to use EAS with Yosemite Mac Mail app and someone here told me that I needed EWS instead so I bought it and applied it to my SM 13.x Enterprise server (build 5535).  I setup my account and did a test and my iPhone shows the push notification right away, there is a significant delay in when Apple Mail gets the message.  Shouldn't it be near instantaneous from the server?  It also looks like deletes are slow to sync back.  My mail account is not that large so it shouldn't be the problem.
Any tips or things I should know about EWS?  I only selected Mail and not calendar, contacts, etc. as I already have CalDav and CardDav setup - not sure if I should remove Cal/CardDAV and just use EWS or which is better on that subject too.

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Neal Culiner Replied
Is EWS push like EAS?  Not sure why it is taking so long for mail to arrive in my Yosemite Mac Mail app.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Neal,
Thanks for your inquiry. Please let me know if you continue to have difficulties with the syncing of emails on your client. EWS is only available for Mac Mail and Outlook 2011. The EAS is available for ActiveSync clients such as Outlook 2013 with an SSL certificate and mobile devices other than Apple iphone.
How long is the delay of emails being delivered to the email client apposed to the mobile devices ?  Please let us know if you have submitted a Support Ticket on this issue. We may be able to review the process in more depth once we reviewed the Delivery logs and EWS entries.
If there is any issue or bug detected with the application or protocol we will then provide a credit on the Support ticket.

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