PGP or other types of encryption?
Idea shared by Evan Heller - March 5, 2015 at 4:07 PM
Hi ST,
Are there any plans for built-in PGP encrpytion into the webmail or perhaps a feature to encrypt messages? This could be an interesting concept for clients looking for built-in privacy. Something so the messages themselves are encrpyted and a client could provide a public key to smartermail for outgoing email and a private key for incoming messages? Thanks.

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Sometimes I can't help but think that smartermail is a spin-off of Microsoft to keep people delusional that there is life outside exchange, that is to gain clients who hate exchange licensing etc..
this is thread for example should have received thousands of reviews but received none!
pgp is so very old but we the smartermail clients asking them to implement it finally..
after I reported so many times that the shared calendars do not appear in mobile GUI of smartermail and iOS and androids, I receive no traction except empty promises two years ago!
still to this date it doesn't work. Disappointing 

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