Single Sign-On - first time users not being recognized
Problem reported by Michael Condon - 8/22/2014 at 3:50 PM
We've set up Smartertrack to support a new website, and we've set up single sign-on with our site. Getting a strange situation where users log in to the website, have an ASPX authentication cookie generated, and are still treated as logged off by smartertrack. 
The user's name and email are created in the st_users table correctly, and the external provider is working correctly. You can log in as users who are only present in our external database, and you can watch the web service get hit by requests. 
Finally, if you take any of the users who are treated as logged off, and log on directly to smartertrack once, from then on the system recognizes them correctly and single sign-on behaves correctly. 
Based on this, I'm pretty sure the ASPX authentication cookie and domain are set up correctly, and that the web services are working right... Any ideas where to check next? 
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