#UnsubscribeLink# in Mailing Lists no longer working
Problem reported by Scarab - 3/3/2015 at 11:26 AM
Not A Problem
It would appear that the #UnsubscribeLink# variable used in SmarterMail Mailing Lists appears to no longer function as it should. When a recipient clicks on the link it takes them to a page that says "Your address has successfully been removed from the list" as it should, however, they still remain listed as a Subscriber and are never truly unsubscribed.
I don't know how long it has been this way, but I have verified that it is not working with version 13.0.5430. I can try installing the newest update later at the end of the week and verify that it hasn't been fixed since, but as there is no mention in the Release Notes I suspect this is an on-going issue.
Between this and not receiving Mailing Lists NDR bounce-backs when using a SmarterMail Gateway (which has been happening since version 8), it pretty much renders using Mailing Lists in SmarterMail inadvisable.

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Scarab Replied
Upon further investigation this is pretty much a non-issue.
Although the subscriber still shows listed in the Subscribers list for the domain, and is included in the count for the individual Mailing List, if you go into that specific Mailing List and choose SUBSCRIBERS they will no longer be included. So, the #UnsubscribeLink# is indeed removing them from the Mailing List, just not removing them from the count and from the master Subscriber List for the domain.

Close enough to W.A.I. for me.

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