Can I filter emails based on CC'd addresses?
Question asked by Rob Vesse - 8/22/2014 at 10:55 AM
I am on a variety of mailing lists and I use filtering in SmarterMail to organise received emails into folders by mailing list automatically.  The idea being that anything urgent ends up in my Inbox and all the mailing list traffic I can catch up on later is filtered off in folders, some of the mailing lists I am on get 100s of emails a day so this is really important for my email organisation.
So to do this I have a filter where I have the conditions set to To address and From address (or in some cases To/From domains) which moves the emails to the relevant folder.
This works great 99% of the time but it fails as soon as somebody on the mailing list hits reply all instead of reply or starts CC'ing other people.  Often when this happens the mailing list address ends up in the CC field rather than the To field because now I'm getting replied to directly so my filter doesn't apply and the email ends up in my Inbox not in the appropriate folder.
Is there a way I can modify my filters to cope with this?  One thing I've noticed for a long time is that there is no explicit option in the Content Filtering to filter by specific addresses/domains in the CC field.

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Hi, Rob
SmarterMail actually does include the ability to create a filter for times when your address is in the CC field. If you have an existing filter for when you're address is in the To field, you can simply modify that rule for when your address is in the To OR the CC field. You could also create a new rule if you like. This option is in the To Address section when creating or editing a filter.
I hope that helps.
Derek Curtis COO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Rob Vesse Replied
This does not solve my problem at all The mail is not addressed to me it is addressed to a mailing list address and the CC rules under To Address are only for My address
Rob Vesse Replied
So 8 years later and this still isn't possible?
Douglas Foster Replied
You never explained your problem clearly.  Are you talking about the SMTP Rcpt To address that determines routing, or the cc address that is a header inside the message.   What filter are you rule are you actually trying to create?   For example, changing your subscription to Plus addressing will allow automatic filling 

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