Throttling inbound authenticated smtp sessions/volume
Question asked by Ben Conner - 3/2/2015 at 6:28 PM
While we have a way to throttle outbound traffic, is there a way to throttle inbound traffic or otherwise limit the # of concurrent SMTP sessions from an account? 
We had an account compromised on Saturday morning at 6:30.  By 9:00 when I found it, 331 spambots had connected to our server and dropped off over 321,000 spam messages for delivery.
The good news is we implemented throttling years back.  All that went out was about 200 messages, and we killed the rest.
Would love to be able to restrict authenticated logins to a subset of country codes.

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kevind Replied
Ben, great question (nothing like waiting 18 months for a reply :-).
I think you should be able to do this under Advanced Settings -> Abuse Detection.
But throttling inbound SMTP would still be a nice feature to have:
  • keep a compromised account from overloading your spool
  • slow down an external spammer from delivering thousands of messages to your users
  • throttle high-volume senders (eBay, FaceBook, etc.) so they don't overload your server
Maybe change it from a Question to an Idea. You have my vote.

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