Moving 4800 Emails Doesn't Move and Adds Duplicates
Problem reported by Opt-Out - February 23, 2015 at 12:23 AM
A customer complained she had a problem moving a large number of emails at once. She said she was using webmail. To recreate the problem I restored her inbox and then, using webmail, I created a a root folder called 2014 and a sub of 2014 called 4th Quarter.
Next I went to her inbox which had about 9600 emails in it. I selected about 1/2 of those emails And moved them to 2014 > 4th Quarter.
What did I end up with after moving 4800 emails in one move? 9600 emails still in the inbox and over 10,000 emails in the 2014 > 4th Quarter folder.
Curious if anyone else has experienced a similar problem when moving a large number of email items?
*SmarterMail Enterprise Edition Version 13.2.5511

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YES!  And I've seen it happen more than once, usually after another (successful) move, with SM v11.x.  The messages are sometimes copied rather than moved.
I have learned to check the source folder to make sure those messages are not still there after the "move", deleting them if they are.
I have not, however, seen the duplication that you mention. Sounds like, in both cases (messages copied and not moved, and the duplication issue), something in the "move" process is timing out, and SM may be re-trying the operation.  But I'm really not sure exactly why this occurs.
Comments, ST?
Robert Emmett Replied
Employee Post
Opt-Out, thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to replicate the issue.  I have a 4.5 GB test account with over 50,000 emails.  In the web interface, I have been able to move varying number of messages (the most being 39,600 messages that I tried) between folders without message duplication, timing out, etc.
If the issue persists, you may consider opening a ticket with our support team.  It could possibly be an issue with your client's mail account.  If it is found that SM has a bug, your ticket will be refunded.
Robert Emmett
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SmarterTools Inc.
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Are you sure you smartermail files have the right permissions associated? It seems like the Smartermail process is unable to modify/delete
I just ran into this as well,  I started with these two folders on SmarterMail 14.0:
"Inbox" folder:  contained 21414 messages
"Inbox Archive" folder:  contained 730 messages
I selected a year's worth of message in the inbox (18110 messages) and did a "move" of them to the "Inbox Archive" folder.  The job took a long time - ~2 hrs and after the move request I see the following:
"Inbox" folder:  21425 messages (some new messages arrived)
"Inbox Archive" folder:  18840 messages
Upon examination, I see that all of the messages I requested to move are now in both folders, so it 
appears that a "copy" happened as opposed to a "move".  However, when I select a small number of messages and do the same procedure it does work as a true "move" operation.
Any more thoughts on this?
Kinda surprised that this hasn't been fixed by now. If SM is not deleting those "moved" messages until after a successful move, and is unable to do so, there should be an on-screen message to that effect (OR how about an email to whomever is performing the move - after all, they need to be logged in to do the move!) - that the operation was not fully completed?).
Still experiencing this issue, even with SM 15.3.  When we move thousands of messages using the "Actions: Move" menu function, we wind up with duplicates in the destination folder and the originals still in the original folder.  Seems to happen above 2-3K messages. Any progress on a fix?
Jim Rosemary
New Tech Web, Inc.
I have no verified fix for this problem. However, you should perhaps double the available disk space setting for the user whose emails you're moving. You can always change it back after the move, giving SM a few minutes to "settle down" first.

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