Can not receive email from other domain
Problem reported by Yang Zhang - 2/22/2015 at 5:48 PM
Last weekend our mail server suddenly  can not receive any email from outside.
I checked the server status, it can send to anybody. When I use my own account send email to myself (via outlook or web mail, all working), mails can be received quickly. I tried telnet port 25 from office, it is also working well.
But if I send mail from a gmail account (or any other account), the mail can not be received. And the gmail has no error message returned
And I tried restart smartermail service, nothing changed
Anybody have some idea what happened to my server?
Thank you for any help

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Make sure your MX record correctly points to your server IP.  If you can provide the domain name I can check what IP address it points to or you can use MXtool box to do this.  Also have you tried to telneting out side your network to make sure there is no firewall that may be blocking incoming connects?

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