Requesting help of all experts on a couple of requirements.
Question asked by Manish Naik - February 22, 2015 at 3:34 PM
Greetings Friends,
To give the current scenario of how we use the mail server.

1. We have close to 1100 users spread across geographical region of India.

2. This is a closed group and users can communicate only within the email server.  No email arrives in or no email goes out.

3. All users are Web only users, no IMAP/ POP3 / SMTP.  Hence, no external mail client, no mobile access, no tablet access.  Web Only Access
Now that we have deployed this for a couple of months, new requirements have come in.  We need the following now.  
1. We wish to enable a couple of key users in the above mail server to have all the features that are banned right now.  Namely, POP3/SMTP/IMAP based access.  Also we want the open the mail server to the outside world by enabling external access for these particular set of users.  The numbers are around 150 users for whom we wish to enable all.
2. However, in achieving the above, we do not want that all the 1100 users would receive emails from outside, neither do we want the rest of the users to be able to send outside.  Is it possible that we open up the mail server but we can restrict incoming as well as outgoing email to a particular set / group of users ?
4. Additionally, the above special users would want to user Outlook as their mail client.  Will the mail server be able to populate the global address book to outlook automatically ?
5. Gmail has a facility to preview Doc/Excel/PDF files on gmail site itself before having to download the entire file.  Is it possible to have such a plugin where the users can see the preview of the document online with some kind of preview mechanism ? We would be willing to procure / buy some type of plugin, if its available.  
6. Once we enable the mail server to receive/send emails to the outside world, Each user can access their settings and enable forwarding to an email ID of their choice.  Can we remove the "Forwarding" item from the settings page of the user ? Or for that matter, can we disable that particular selection from the "User Settings" page ?  Otherwise, we may keep everything controlled on the server, but a user can set a forward and take away all email data.
Sorry, I know I am asking for too many things, but the requirement we have is pretty unique so I thought it better to pose it to the experts instead of trying to figure out on our own.
By the way, we did purchase 10 support tickets when we bought the mail server.  We could also expend a ticket for the above things, if required.  We are yet not clear if we need to use a ticket or we can pose it to the community. 
Let us know if you want us to expend a ticket to have a solution to our requirements and we will happily comply.
Thanks so much
Warm Regards
Manish Naik

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Anybody can help please ?
Thanks so much
Manish Naik

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