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Problem reported by messaging solutions - 2/22/2015 at 1:38 AM
i try to block sending to specific domain so i use content filtering feature under domain setting and specify the required domain in "to address" >> "to a specific domain" and choose "bounce message" in the action but unfortunately this setting didn't work .. any ideas?

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messaging solutions Replied
let me ask the question in another words, I want to "Restrict incoming mails (certain domains) to be received by a certain groups and restrict the outgoing mails to be sent to certain domains for specific groups either." is this applicable in smartermail? 
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Hello.  Content Filtering is only applied to inbound messages.
Linda Pagillo Replied
Good afternoon. This question has been asked 5 or 6 times in this forum, but I don't believe it has ever been fully answered with a working solution. We just did some testing on this and it looks like there may not be a way to do what you are asking in Smartermail. However, you can use Declude content filters to accomplish this. If you don't already know, Declude is free anti-spam software that we offer on our website. You can download it here http://mailsbestfriend.com/downloads. You don't have to use it for spam filtering. You can simply configure it with the specific filters that you need to use without affecting anything else on your server. I hope this helps.
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Paul Blank Replied
As mentioned previously, this is an omission that needs to be corrected.

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