URL to SpamAssassin virtual appliance points to old forums so it is not accessible
Problem reported by Webio - 2/19/2015 at 11:08 PM
URL to SpamAssassin Virtual Appliance from KB article:
is not working anymore.

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Steve Reid Replied
You should investigate SpamAssassin In A Box. It's much easier to work with.
Webio Replied
Not good for my usage (65k-120k incoming messages per day and 35-65k outgoint messages). I've hit almost 100% CPU and about 1-1.5GB RAM used. I'm using Declude but I was wondering how SpamAssasin works since I've found nice SpamAssassin rules for my country spam emails but it looks I will have to create some kind of conversion utility which will convert "body" regex items from SpamAssassin rule file and convert it to some Declude rules.

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