Issue post upgrade: v13.1.5451 to v13.2.5511
Problem reported by Eric Tykwinski - 2/19/2015 at 7:14 AM
Just want to give people a heads up.  Post upgrade it seems like a small percentage of users had blank passwords post install.  Not exactly sure what caused the issue as I didn't find anything that was consistent between the accounts.

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CCWH Replied
I'm sure I have seen this before on update. Can't remember exactly but think it's do do with either not doing the reboot (before and after) or linked with the local AV on the host machine not having the SM file exclusions in?
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Eric,
Thanks for the information. We have observed some instances where a restart of the server, whether planned or unexpected will cause the userconfig.xml or other possible .xml files to be 'corrupt' or damaged.  We have noticed that the user password fields are blank or empty causing some grief upon login. We advise to have a backup of the file to restore the user's details.
Please let us know if you have any other difficulties.
Eric Tykwinski Replied
Joe, Thanks for the heads up. Honestly with the small amount of users this effected, it was worth just calling them up and changing passwords. I was able to simply scan through the domains with Spyriadis' utility and find them pretty quickly, so my suggestion would be to maybe implement something similar in future releases ;) Apologies to BUB as this is definitely worth my 10 Euro.
Steve Reid Replied
This problem happens often enough that automatic recovery steps should already be built into Smartermail.

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