Scrollbar missing
Problem reported by Gloops - 2/17/2015 at 4:01 PM
Hello everybody,
I have got a problem when displaying my Smartermail webmail in Firefox.
The scrollbar of the list of messages of the selected folder does not appear, resulting in my only being able to display about the six last messages in the message pane (in fact the six first ones in display order, being the six more recent if I display in reverse date order).
Using the Walnut for Firefox theme solves the problem, but I feel that theme ugly, and should like to find a more specific solution that I could implement with the Stylish extension.
If I put overflow:scroll!important to div.ContentDiv, this gives me a scrollbar, but that only allows me to scroll one line so that the columns headers line disappears to the top. I am afraid I should have to spend hours on that to find exactly the good style to modify, to be able to scroll the two hundred messages.
Could anyone help ?

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