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Question asked by thnet - 2/17/2015 at 1:56 PM
We are getting ready to move about 1300 accounts from Google Apps to SmarterMail. This is due to the termination of "Apps for ISP's" on their part. Our end users are used to having their spam email directly accessible from webmail. We happen to use the McAfee email gateway for filtering our business customers and we're going to use that for this migration as well. The McAfee console authenticates using POP3 against the mail server. Ideally it would be great if we could plug into the SmarterMail webmail application so we can add a custom link for 1 click access to their McAfee quarantine. Does the webmail application support anything like this? I know there is an API but that doesn't help with adding any custom links or plugins to the webmail interface itself. It sure would be nice to be able to write custom plugins. Does anyone know if there are options to do something like this?

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Steve Reid Replied
Before attempting to shoe horn in another spam appliance, have you considered not using that for smartermail? The built in Anti spam features are great when they are configured properly.
thnet Replied
We are leveraging an existing investment in the McAfee platform that works well for our business customers. Essentially we have enough headroom in the contract to protect all the new accounts for no additional cost.

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