Multiple outgoing IPs on single Domain
Question asked by Paul White - 8/19/2014 at 12:03 PM
I am in the process of getting Return Path Certified.  One of their criteria for certification is the IP can only be used for sending templated email ( newsletters, notifications, ect.. ) and not personal corporate email.  This is because corporate emails can be compromised, and therefore risks more exposure.
My question is how do I go about setting up domain to send via 2 separate IP addresses
When connected to the server from a script, how do I specify which IP is to be used when sending out the templated emails?
I would think I could just setup another hostname ( mail2.mydomain.com) for the second IP,  would I also have to setup a seperate domain (mail2.mydomain.com)  on the server, and just limit access to only local IPs?

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Colin M Replied
Assuming the templated emails come from one or more addresses that aren't also used for personal corporate email, then you could do the following:
1) Setup another server instance to act as a gateway. I have successfully used hMailServer [1] and emailrelay [2]. I prefer the latter although have only set it up on Linux. Make sure it is locked down so that it can't be used by unauthorized users. For example, configure it to bind only to localhost on a separate port such as "55555" and to send email out only on the configured interface.
2) Add the server created in step 1 to SmarterMail as an "Outgoing Gateway". Choose a priority other than "5" such as "1".
3) Add a "Sender Priority Override" for the email addresses that send templated email and set the priority to match the outgoing gateway created in step 2.

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