Cannot set domain to server default settings
Question asked by Nicholas Malinguaggio - 2/14/2015 at 2:40 PM
I cannot set a domain to the server default settings. Every time I try I get a red alert banner stating that I need to set the prefix for the subject. This makes no sense because I want to use the server defaults. The tab to set any prefixes or actions is grayed out anyways when I select . Can anyone help. Maybe its just an xml I need to edit?  Version is 13.2, I am setting it from the admin account for the domain.

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Hello Nicholas,
Thanks for the information. I'm sorry that I'm not certain where you are in the application that you are trying to edit the default Server settings. Please reiterate the steps you have taken and I will follow up. I presume you are logged into the application as the System Administrator and the are creating a new domain ?  The server defaults are only going to apply to new domains. You will have to modify the existing domains manually.
Hi Joseph, Sorry, my first post wasn't clear. The problem seems to have resolved itself. I gave up trying and now when you replied I went back to set the domain to use server defaults for the spam filtering and it didn't give me the error anymore. The original error was when trying to set the domain to use the server defaults under settings> domain settings> filtering > spam filtering > options tab. It was stuck on override and popped a red banner stating that I need to set the prefix for the subject.

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