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Idea shared by Jim Rosemary - 2/13/2015 at 3:05 AM
One of our clients suggested a feature that I'd like to pass along to you.  It would be great if in the Content Filtering section, users could trigger an Auto-Responder.  The client doesn't want to send the response to all incoming mail, but only based on specific criteria.  For example, if a message is received that contains a specific word in the subject line, or if it comes from a specific domain (or any other filtering rule combination), then the filtering will send an Auto-Responder message.  Along those lines, each Content Filter could then have its own specific Auto-Responder message (different from the overall Auto-Responder).
Thanks for making such a great product!
Jim Rosemary
New Tech Web, Inc.

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Yes, this would be a VERY good addition to have.  Just today, I wanted to have an auto-response to a particular address, address@domain.com as well as deleting incoming email for that address.  The user had left the company sometime ago, and it was time to stop receiving email for them.
I set up the auto-responder for that address@domain.com and then set forwarding (with delete-on-forward checked) to another address in the domain, which I created just for this purpose "auto-delete1@domain.com" which had a Content Filtering rule that would then delete the email entirely.  That rule is 1. Flagged as"High Priority + Normal Priority + Low Priority", 2. OR, 3. Delete Message.
I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but this worked for me.
But having that all available in the content filtering (Auto-respond + Delete) would have saved some time, as well as one user-account. 
This is a feature I am currently looking for. Any update on this request?
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