13.2 issues
Question asked by Steve Guluk - February 10, 2015 at 8:05 AM
Anyone else noticing odd occurrences with SmarterMail 13.2
Had a client call saying their email did not work (sending not receiving). Went through the usual settings with them and then reviewed online in the webmail application. They noted their email started to work again... Weird but just figured they had some local issue...

Then Monday morning and I don't have any incoming mail in my local email client... Odd... I log into to webmail and see the usual mail is there. Next query for mail from my local email client and all the email downloads without any changes.
Seems there is some issue where viewing email through webmail removes whatever is in place that was not allowing email to be downloaded.  

Anyone else see this? Has this case been seen before where it may be an installation issue?
Thanks for any replys

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