Best Settings for McAfee Anti Virus
Question asked by Ray White - 2/6/2015 at 11:07 AM
Hi there, I did have McAfee and ClamAV both turned on.
See here for more history.
and If found out that Mcafee seems to takes precedence, and sometimes it tries to clean rather than delete a file and if that fails then the file gets in to the inbox. So now I'd like to set it for McAfee alone as I'm assuming that's the better than ClamAv.
So what settings should I use for Mcaffee?
Should I use the command line setting, or the real time scan setting. The manual doesn't have much info in this area that I could find.
The Real time scan setting seems kinda mysterious to me. What is the clean,delete, etc setting? How does it know to clean or delete the email that mcafee scans?
Also do I need to change any other settings in Mcaffee?

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Bruce Barnes Replied
ClamAV will function without any issues, as the built-in product is designed to work with within the parameters of the SmarterMail file locking system.
The general rule of thumb for any external antivirus package is that it should be excluded from directly accessing any portion of any SmarterMail file - period.  The reason behind this is that SmarterMail's processing of data is extremely fast and allowing any external program to access the data could cause a simultaneous lock on a file, causing corruption to message data, usernames, passwords, SmarterMail configuration, and other aspects of the program.

Having said that, you can still use an external antivirus program, but you must call the program from within the SmarterMail antivirus command line parameters:
SmarterMail Command-Line AV Parameters
You can also enable QUARANTINE any messages found to contain viruses, if you enable that option in AV options.

Go to Antivirus Administration, as the SmarterMail Admin, and then click on ONLINE HELP, and you will get a description of all of the options and how they work.
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