Greylisting and trusted senders
Question asked by E. Keith Dodd - 8/14/2014 at 7:25 AM
I am considering starting greylisting to combat spam. I provide for a wide range of domains so need to have things flexible. I realize there can be global exclusions to greylisting, say for ebay, Amazon, etc.
However, I seem to find conflicting answers as whether a specific users (or domains) general whitelist/trusted senders for ignoring spam checks does or does not bypass greylisting. IE: If john@mydomain.com is in my own trusted sender list and when that sender sends is his mail subject to greylisting procedures or not -- is the first mail delayed or does it come right through? I know that "trusted" bypasses spam checking, but unclear about this same list for greylisting.
Appreciate any clarification. Thanks

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You should have Grey listing on for all domains.  Then Enable users to override greylisting , They can Use Trusted sender to bypass all checks, yes Greylisting also.
Skipping spam filtering: Trusted Sender (system level)
System administrators should note that the following cases are exempt from greylisting:
  • Whitelisted IPs for SMTP or Greylisting
  • Anyone who authenticates (includes SMTP Auth Bypass list)
  • Trusted senders
  • Anyone who has already sent you an email
  • Any IP in the greylistBypass.xml file
E. Keith Dodd Replied
Hate to sound dense on this, but want to absolutely sure I have it right:
You are confirming that if joe@domain.com is on my personal account's Trusted Senders list, then any mail from this joe@ will not go through any greylisting procedures just like it does not go through any spam checks: right?
Thanks much! This seems about the only way to really get a stop on all this spam. I have seen a major increase in just the last few days.

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