Your web browser has lost the session with the server.
Problem reported by Brian Shrift - 8/7/2014 at 12:44 PM
Clients are receiving the message:
"Your web browser has lost connection with the server. Press OK to return to the login page."
At first I thought they were just meeting the timeout threshold after some inactivity, but I experienced the issue myself while working from the admin console. I had only been signed in for maybe 5 or 6 minutes and all the sudden I was disconnected.
SmartMail Enterprise Version 12.3
I have already checked the IIS settings. They are set at:
Regular Time Interval:1740
Idle Timout: 20 minutes
There doesn't appear to be any information in the event viewer and the issue seemed to have started around 7/20/14. Can't really pin it to any specific event.

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Steve Reid Replied
Seems like you may need to open a support ticket?
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Brian,
I wanted to update you that we are aware of this issue. There has been a few Support Tickets that were submitted pertaining to the SmarterMail 12.3x version. We have isolated the issue to be in the SmarterMail 12.2x version and are working resolving this matter as soon as possible.
Thank You.
Darren Guzman Replied
Hi Brian, Is this resolve already, I'm currently using SmarterMail Version 13.2.5511, and we have lots of customer complain on this similar message. Tried to recommend our users to use different browsers but no luck. Hope this have been attended already and I'm just missing some steps to make it work. Darren

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