Could not integrate SmarterMail with Plesk: "Can't find Bound_IP tag in server config file"
Problem reported by egyptnethost - 8/7/2014 at 1:26 AM

When I try to set the default Mail Server to "SmarterMail" or try to set a password for SmarterMail under Tools & Settings > Server Components > Mail Server, the following error occurs:

Can't set component parameters:defpackagemng failed: Can't find Bound_IP tag in server config file
And I used below resolution and it don't work with me:
  1. I Replace the patched smartermailprovider.dll in the %plesk_bin% folder (usually, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin).

  2. Then I Restart the SmarterMail web server service and the SmarterMail server itself.

  3. Restart the "Plesk Management Service".
So any one have any solution so I can try it?

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Steve Reid Replied
Have you ensured that Bound_IP is defined in the server config file?
Neill Toms Replied

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