Event Catagory - Send Notice to User that a block occured
Idea shared by J Lee - 1/30/2015 at 3:55 PM
I have a need to create an Event that will notify the user@domian.com that someone is trying to send then and over sized email. 
The system sends a notices to the sender but not the receiver. 
All my clients are CPAs and Lawyers, so this was the situation.  A prospect was sending a CPA their files along with a request to do a tax return.  The email was over the limit for this client so the email was bounced.  In this case the sender did not notice or read the bounce and thought the CPA did not respond to their request.
If an Event could be created to notice both this would be great. 
Currently it look like you can set an Event for email size but it is only triggered if the email is delivered. 
No Event is triggered if the email is blocked before delivery.
Thank you

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