How can we bulk delete a spam message
Question asked by Colton Morrison - 1/28/2015 at 2:00 PM
We have phishing emails come through our system quite frequently and we need a way to programmatically delete the messages directly from the user's inbox or junk mail box. I'm thinking there could be some sort of message purging but I have not seen anything in any documentation. Something we could script out...thousands of deliveries could take place so if we can delete by message ID, specific content, to/from addresses that would be great!
Does anyone have a way to do this?
If I simply have missed some important information, please point it out. We have SmarterMail 11.7.
Thank you!

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Hi Colton.  You would be able to achieve this with domain level Content Filtering.  
Colton Morrison Replied
Thanks Rod! I'll try to put something in place for future messages like this. The Content Filtering is messages "as they come in" but is there any way to remove messages that were already delivered to a mailbox? For example, what if the content filter didn't catch it and it was delivered to the user's Inbox. How could we go pull that message from everyone's mailbox?

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