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Question asked by Scarab - 1/26/2015 at 3:59 PM
I am trying to migrate Ipswitch IMail accounts (v9.23) to Smartermail (v13.1.5451) using the Converter provided by Smartertools at http://portal.smartertools.com/kb/a2934/ipswitch-imail-to-smartermail-converter.aspx.
I can run it in Test ("Read") mode just fine, but when I actually run it I get the following error for every single IMail directory located in every user's account:
"System.Exception: Invalid File Length: 64"
webmaster@domain.com -  FAILED FOLDER: Inbox
   at ConversionUtilities.MailboxDataFile.ReadIMailUidFile(String fileName)
   at ConversionUtilities.MailboxFolder.CopyMessages(String path, ArrayList list, String parentName)
   at ConversionUtilities.Utility.TransferDomain(DomainTransferInfo info)
The Smartermail domains.xml and mailConfig.xml are updated successfully. The domains are created successfully. The User Accounts are created successfully. Contacts are converted successfully. However, any actual folders and their respective contents in the User Accounts are neither created or migrated.
I don't suppose anyone would know how to resolve this other than handing the Source Code over to a Visual C# programmer to fix and recompile for us?

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Randy Armbrecht Replied
I am running into a similar problem. We have an older IMail server (8.22) that has a small number of domains left on it. We have used this utility to migrate a large number of domains from IMail in the past with no issues; a handful of domains at a time.  We recently upgraded the SQL server that IMail users accounts were stored on, and now the utility does not fully migrate all data.  The migration tool creates the domain on SmarterMail, but none of the user accounts or folder contents are migrated. The only difference is that the tables in the new SQL database for the IMail users are preceded by the standard "dbo." prefix in each table name. (on the older SQL server, the table name was just the domain name - example:  table name was acme_com, now it's dbo.acme_com)
Randy Armbrecht Replied
Anyone who has a thought o this please chime in!  I am trying to get back to tasks of completing the IMail -> SMail migration on our end and would love to get a guru's opinion on what is going on here.
One additional note:  I went back to an older copy of the conversion tool. I do not get any errors on this. It imports the domain, users, contacts, and I see the message folders in the directory structure of an imported user, but the messages/folders do not show up when you impersonate their webmail login. 
I am having to go thru user-bu-user and run the Mailbox Migration tool to get email over; this is a pain to say the least.  When we were in the migration mode a few months back we had non of these issues; it all worked just as it should and was sweet!
Scarab Replied
Unfortunately that is what we had to resort to as well as our Programming Staff was booked up long after our migration deadline and couldn't look at the Source Code to resolve for us. All of our Domains and Users were imported successfully using the newer version of the tool. However, we had to manually import their Folders and Emails using IMAP in the SmarterMail Mailbox Migration (which for a couple hundred Users is crazy but doable, but for several hundred Users or more this would be inconceivable). The Contacts were a mess. Oddly, some really old domains that had their Contacts in text-based format were brought over with the utility, but those domains that had Contacts in the (newerish) database format did not and had to be imported using COPY+PASTE which was beyond crazy (thank goodness for college interns...as we pawned this task off on them). I don't know how much of a user-base IMail has these days, but Smartertools seems to no longer concern themselves much with Migration tools, especially for smaller installations. I know I would have given my first-born for a MDaemon to Smartermail Migration Utility a year ago.
Randy Armbrecht Replied
I finally had time to look into this further and see what is going on.  When the conversion tool runs, it is placing all IMail MailBox folders directly in to the 
/SmarterMail/Domains/Domain.com/Users/john.doe folder
instead of in the
/SmarterMail/Domains/Domain.com/Users/john.doe/Mail folder
seems like an EASY fix that ST could do on the tool to make it work right.
I have tested moving the IMail mailbox folders into the MAIL folder of a user, STOP and START SMail service and the inbox shows up fine.  Any other folders just need to be added by the SMail Web GUI and the message inside show up right away.
But for my last bit of migration today, it's easier to just do an IMAP migration on the 150 mailboxes or so
Randy Armbrecht Replied
migrated the last 9 domains from my IMail server to my SMail server yesterday. 240 accounts across the 9 domains. 10 hours to individually IMAP retrieve the accounts. I wish I had C# skills. I would have spent the time to make this one simple change in the tool and saved a ton of time! Going back today and deleting all the misplaced mail folders to save on storage on the server. This won't take a long time, just a big pain to have to do so

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